Unknown Ritual No.1 -- film

Category: Experimental film/video art

Concept and Director:Tan Tan

Cooperative artists: Li Ning, Zhang Mengqi, Bi Haiyan, He Chengyun, Zhu Linan

Music/Sound: Eric Bribosia, Tan Tan

Photographer: Tan Tan, Li Biao

Still Photographer: Tan Tan, Xie Xihe, Li Zixuan, Fan Peipei, He Chengyun, Li Jiazheng

Sound Engineer: Tang Jia, Eric Bribosia

Assistant: Li Zixuan

Duration: 35min/80min

Production year: 2017

  • The trailer of the film has been selected in the program of artistic Cable TV station SFE TV (Souvenirs from Earth Television)

In Wuhan, a typical big city of China, after TanBo found some places real but meanwhile surreal, they decided to immerse themselves into these spaces and atmosphere. With this purpose, they started an “unknown ritual” with 5 other performance artists, so as to explore the struggling between the society and their ego…

TanBo chose three special spaces as the scenes of the film and the stages of the performance: The first space is a crowded shopping street containing a huge area of “European style streets”, in which there is a wedding photo studio in the outlook of a church, as the rite space in “the man’s world”. The second space is constituted of several unfinished rooms and underground floors inside the shopping street and shopping malls, which look like some garbage fields, thus they are the right spaces of rituals in“the hell”. The last space is an abandoned “mini world park” with pyramids, castles, Greek and Roman temples along a big lake, which alike “the heaven” for the rituals.

The “story” or “ritual” begins with a wedding of a mixed couple (Western and Chinese), suddenly the bride disappears, and then the groom begins to look for her. During his searching, he finds himself trapped in one and another labyrinth, meanwhile he meets some mysterious people, animals and spirits…

This work can be screened as a short film, full length film, as well as multi-channel video art.

"The heaven" Space——

 “The man’s world” Space——

"The hell" Space——